Day 20 and 21!!

I can’t believe we made it!! Day 21 is today. We celebrated tonight by going to a small Vietnamese restaurant to have rice noodle soup with shrimp and chicken. Delicious! What a treat! The first time we have eaten out since we started.

As you can see from the photo – we are going to keep it up for a few more weeks. So Teresa and I stopped at the International Market and stocked up on all sorts of vegies – especially greens, to get ready for next week. We have decided to start the whole thing again – which means starting with week one and all the steamed vegies – that is basically all we eat – and some steel cut oats in the morning with an apple. Week one is pretty grim but now we have experienced all the great recipes and food from week 2 and 3,  there is some incentive there.

And had to take a photo of the kohlrabi (is that the correct spelling? – Well you know what I mean). It is so green and fresh!

Still no alcohol. I almost folded tonight at the restaurant. A really cold vietnamese beer would have been so very lovely. I was weakening, but Teresa said she wasn’t going to have any. So I didn’t either.

Today for lunch we had a lovely pecan crusted catfish. It was really delicious. And we had a lovely slaw made from cabbage and pineapple. I know it sounds not so good, but it was quite yummy.

My energy level is still soaring. Today I walked my two miles on the treadmill at the condo clubhouse, and then went to yoga for an hour. It was quite a workout. It felt great though so I am not complaining.

The week ahead will be interesting because on Wednesday night Teresa and I will be meeting our high school friends for dinner. So we will have the challenge of eating out – staying the course – and not having any alcohol. Then Thursday night I am going out with my girlfriends at work. We always go somewhere nice where we can get good martinis and drinks. So will have to decide whether to drink or not drink – and if not  – what to drink. Am I too old to ask for a Shirley Temple in a martini glass? And goodness knows what I am going to eat. Wenesday night’s dinner will be easy – we are going to an Italian place so I can eat Italian spinach and a salad.

I am glad to be going on…… I love having a personal chef! It has been so easy for me. And Teresa assures me she is loving every minute of it – well – probably not the 5 a.m. wake up on workdays……..but the rest of it she is very pleased with. Also, we have both lost about 8-9 pounds, so it would be nice to drop a few more pounds.

So tomorrow – we start again.  Will keep you posted!


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