Week 5 – Day 3

Even I am having a hard time believing we are in week 5. Haven’t blogged in a while – no real reason – maybe lazy????

We finished 3 weeks and decided to keep on going. Last week was a little difficult since we started with week 1 – and it is pretty basic with only vegies. So now that we are in week 2 – the menus improve immensely. Today’s lunch was delicious: Asian slaw, steamed olive oil spinach with salt and pepper, and potato salad (yukon potato, leeks, olive oil, salt and pepper). You can’t imagine how tasty that is. And we even had dessert – a cut up pear with a wee bit of maple syrup. I swear – it was so yummy!

Teresa continues to cook like a mad woman. It seems she is ALWAYS in the kitchen. I learned a little of how she feels this past weekend. Teresa went to her sister’s for the weekend so I fended for myself in the kitchen. What a damn nightmar!!! On Friday I went to 4 – yes 4 stores to get stuff we needed. Costco, Kroger, vegetable market and Whole Foods.  And then it felt like I was in the kitchen all weekend long. I would no more get done with breakfast – then a hour or so later it was time to start lunch. And the same for dinner. And then there was the broth we drink twice a day to be made. There is tons of chopping for that. Let me just say that when Teresa got home on Sunday night – I jumped up and hugged her!!! I was so glad to see her!!

Okay – have to sign off for a little bit – my evening soup – pea soup has just been served to me!



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