Teresa served me dinner – doesn’t that have a nice ring to it— homemade pea soup – delicious, and steamed swiss chard and butternut squash. It was okay – not my favorite though. I am so full right now . There was a lot of food today!!

I managed last week to eat out in a restaurant twice and do well. One night – I think I have already written about it- Italian  – Teresa and I had Italian spinach and a side salad – and NO alcohol. We brought our own kombucha! Then the next night I was out with some work friends to a Mexican place. A lot more difficult to find something to eat but they did have a Mexican salad – I just asked that they hold the tortilla strips and the cheese. Again, it was plenty to eat. And again, I drank kombucha. The kombucha has a slight vinegary taste – google it to find out exactly what it is. They have it in flavors also althought I have onlly had the plain.

So this weekend will be another little challenge as I am going with friends to Savannah TN to my friend’s house on the Tennessee river. Eating will be a challenge – and not drinking will be a challenge. There is a wonderful restaurant and bar that makes the greatest martinis!! Yikes!

So all in all – things are going well. I have lost about 12 pounds. This is a good thing since I put on about 9 lbs this summer!!!! So I figure I’m about 3 lbs up. Guess I have to hang on to the fact that every pound counts.  Have been walking every day except Sunday. And Saturdays I go to yoga too. So am keeping up with my exercise.



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